The Zuleika Project is located on the Zuleika Shear starting 25km west north west of Kalgoorlie and extending 45km to the north west from the Kundana/EKJV gold mines. Zuleika Gold has the exploration rights over ~230sqkm of tenements along the shear. 

The Zuleika Shear area has a number of historical and current operating mines which have produced to date ~20 million ounces of gold. The Shear remains highly prospective for further discoveries and there are a number of deepening underground mines continuing to exploit at depth the extensions to significant gold ore bodies.

The Zuleika Shear is recognised as a major conduit for gold mineralisation in the world class Kalgoorlie Goldfields.

Zuleika Gold’s, Zuleika Gold Project lies in the same world class gold mining district which hosts several major gold mines, including Northern Star’s Kundana and Paradigm Mine and the East Kundana Joint Venture (EKJV) owned by Northern Star, Tribune Resources’ and Rand Mining (~7Moz) and Evolution’s Frog Legs and White Foil mines (~3Moz) and Norton Goldfields, Bullant and Breakaway Dam Mines.

The East Zuleika or Carnage Shear, parallel to Zuleika and also referred to as East Zuleika Shear, is an untested structure of which Zuleika Gold has access to 20km of strike. The Zuleika Shear sits on the western contact of the Kurrawang Basin and the less explored Carnage Shear sits on the eastern contact. The Carnage Shear hosts the same rock sequences in a mirror image to the Zuleika Shear. As an exploration target its rock sequences and structures have the same potential as the 20M/oz Zuleika Shear.

Zuleika Gold, from its detailed analysis of the vast data base, has developed a “transformational” exploration strategy for testing of more than 40 targets which have been identified in the data base, as being underexplored and requiring follow-up drill testing.